About Us

The Xpace Team

Paul Sepe, President

Paul has been producing systems to manage and retrieve large volumes of data for nearly two decades. In the late 1980s, he was one of the founders of Dataware Technologies in Munich, which produced the first authoring and retrieval software for databases on CD-ROM. He left Dataware in 1996 to become a full-time consultant. His work since then includes the development of InPress, the engine behind Archi-Tech’s line of business intelligence and market research products for the pharmaceutical industry.

Paul is responsible for the direction of the company, and design and development of Xpace’s products. He works closely with technical advisors, business development, and marketing, to ensure timely production of market-ready products.

Yoshitaka Baba, Consultant, Java, Internationalization and XML

Yoshi has been making complex information management systems compliant with Asian languages since he joined Dataware the early 1990s. After he left Dataware, he did the same for Rational Software, later acquired by IBM. He has since left IBM, and works as a consultant in Java, Internationalization, Linux, and XML. Yoshi has helped design and produce our Java API, and ensures that Xpace’s engine and framework remain internationalization-friendly.

Wolfgang Ruth, Senior Vice President, Sales

Wolfgang is an entrepreneurial executive with more than 30 years of experience managing sales, marketing, operations, personnel and merchandising for both start-up and established IT, software and multimedia companies. Founder and CEO of Realizor, in Munich, Germany, Wolfgang believes in a motivational management style and has a record of building and retaining highly-driven sales teams, distributor networks and corporate representatives. Previously he was a senior account executive at Open Text, a company providing content management software. Prior, he was Germany Country Manger at Convera Technologies Inc., a company specializing in enterprise search, retrieval and categorization solutions; and a Senior Vice President and Founder at Dataware Technologies Inc., a company specializing in optical storage technology.

Diane Lore, Vice President, Marketing; General Manager

Diane is president of Deep South Digital, a public relations consortium,  and a consultant who leads internal communications at Kaiser Permanente's Georgia Region in Atlanta. Her clients have included the CDC, WellStar Health System, CARE and Children's Health Care of Atlanta. Formerly, she was the Vice President of Digital Media in the Atlanta office of Cohn & Wolfe, a top-ten global communications firm, and Vice President of Media Strategy at The Haystack Group, an Atlanta boutique agency specializing in health care and marketing to mothers. A fourth-generation journalist, she was the features project editor for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, one of the top twenty newspapers in the Unites States, and is a graduate of the Neiman Conference on Narrative Editing at Harvard University.

Paul Gray, Co–Founder

Paul is President, CEO and a founder of Archi-Tech Systems, specializing in database management, processing, reporting and data mining for the pharmaceuticals industry. He and Paul Sepe have collaborated closely for almost two decades creating highly compressed, rapid response systems for large datasets. Before founding Archi-Tech, Paul was Director of Technical Development for Data-Matic Systems, building editorial and production systems for large directory publishers.

Xpace Consultants

Xpace consultants have deep experience in custom Extract, Transfer, and Load (ETL); data deployment and management; and assisting our customers in developing effective software. We also provide resources who work with the defense, aerospace, and intelligence communities, helping them acquire, manage, analyze, and mine large datasets using Xpace and other tools, both Commercial Off-the-shelf (COTS) and custom.