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Releasing the power of information.

Data Software

Xpace software makes Business Intelligence from Inaccessible Data. It embodies the principles of our company—that there is a faster, more logical way to construct and search data warehouses, which too often have become data tombs.

Results that can take days to produce with traditional methods, can be produced within minutes or hours with ours.

Request our demo — almost a billion stock quotes — and see what Xpace might be able to do for you.

Get to the Point

For decades, exponential growth in computing power has produced ever-larger databases. In the 1980s—when many of today's database management systems were designed—tens of megabytes was a significant database. A decade later, large databases were several gigabytes, and were becoming unwieldy. Today, terabyte datasets are not uncommon, but the ability to manage and retrieve data has not kept up with the ability to produce it. Data warehouses are becoming data tombs—places where information is stored to satisfy bureaucratic or legal requirements, but remains practically unusable.

And what does that have to do with Xpace?

Xpace opens the data tomb. Our software is a no-frills, high-performance, approachable database tool that provides fast, efficient data compression and retrieval. Applications of Xpace will be defined not so much by the types of data (fielded, hierarchical, text, numeric) or size (a "large" embedded database might be a few gigabytes, while a "large" archive might be tens of terabytes) as by patterns of usage. Many databases, especially very large ones, do not change radically. Thousands, millions, or billions of documents may be added, but changes to existing data are much less frequent. We have tailored our architecture to this observation. While fully capable of supporting editing, is optimized to store vast datasets that do not change much. Xpace is as well suited to a multi-terabyte, in-house archive of stockmarket trades as to an online parts catalog.

What’s the advantage of using Xpace over say, Oracle?

We do not intend to compete directly with heavyweight systems like Oracle and MS-SQL, although we believe we can replace these systems under certain circumstances, especially when you are—or can become—aware of how your data are likely to be accessed. But Xpace can often be a useful tool alongside these heavyweight solutions, giving users fast, direct access to the information they need, without burdening central repositories. Xpace is simpler, faster, and cheaper, both directly (software) and indirectly (optimized for cheap hardware).